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Globalstar delivers the best voice quality available. To understand how this bold claim can be made, customers need to read about Our Technology and Why Globalstar?

A listing of current Globalstar career opportunities is provided, as well as important contact information. New and existing customers are encouraged to contact an authorised Globalstar Dealer for additional information, products and support.

When customers are well informed about the critical differences in technology, airtime and roaming charges, products and customer support, they can make the right choices for their satellite service. Globalstar offers the complete package that keeps customers connected wherever they go.

Best Airtime Value

Globalstar is the only satellite service provider in Europe to offer airtime plans that give customers a "bucket" of minutes, and the choice to use those minutes monthly or annually.

With tariffs starting at €50 per month and effective rates as low as €0.32 per minute, there is a plan to suit every budget and need. No one can match Globalstar's roaming rates for value and simplicity. Customers now have the tools to effectively manage their communication costs at home and abroad.