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Exterity IPTV Receivers

Exterity have a range of IPTV receiver products based on in-socket technology that will deliver TV and video around buildings. These products represent the digital equivalent of the traditional co-axial aerial system, but offer greater flexibility, scalability and control, and so offer the opportunity to deliver new services and content.

isocket IPTV receiver

The wall-mounted isocket presents a simple SCART connection point into which any AV display or recorder can be plugged. Once connected, output from any available AV source on the network can be displayed or recorded.

idaptor IPTV receiver

The small stand-alone IPTV media adaptor allows any display or recorder to be instantly attached to a building network to receive TV and video channels.

idaptor IPTV TriplePlay receiver

The amazing new IPTV, internet and IP telephone receiving device. Small and compact, it is ideal for hospitality uses or corporate and educational use where space or security is an issue.